Scott Esmail Property Manager


Scott Esmail became a  professional property manager in 2001. Scott has had much experience in the field of property management and indoor and outdoor project management. Scott Esmail currently manages 5 employees that help operate and run successful property Management Company. Scott uses property management software to help make it easier for tenants to pay rent, make repair requests and helps Scott and his team with the accounting and the day-to-day activities. Scott Esmail strongly suggests getting software that tenants can use from their computers to pay rent.

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 Scott Esmail believes in running a great company using systems created for property managers helps attract and retain the best possible tenants. The largest cost for owner of a property is the turnovers. Scott Esmail believes first in having a good application process, which includes criminal background, credit and eviction history. Scott Esmail then believes that can save a lot of future costs related to evictions and rehab of the house after the tenant leave. Scott Esmail would rather hold off on renting the property out for a couple of months and waiting for the right tenant. Scott Esmail has found that most tenants are staying for least 3 years or more. Most often if a tenant gives notice is that they have found a home to buy or moving out of the area. pic

 The majority of properties that Scott Esmail manages are single-family homes. Duties include a collection of rent, maintenance and repairs of property and getting houses rented and assistance to any tenants needs. Scot Esmail motto for himself and his employees is to “ treat others the way you would like to be treated” Scott believes that keeping a tenant happy and maintaining a good lines of communication is a win for both tenant, owner of the property and property management.

 Scott Esmail is not only committed to being the best manager possible to the tenants and properties he manages but to continues improve on the latest technology, market rent prices and other things in the sector of property management. Scott Esmail attended at 7 day seminar focused on property management and investing in 2011, and has helped his career tremendously.

 Scott Esmail has read or listened to over 300 books in his business sector and is a listener of many of the real estate podcasts on iTunes. Scott Esmail favourite podcast are bigger pockets, cash flow for life and rich dad poor dad radio show. Scott Esmail favourite books are Landlord on autopilot and rich dad poor dad. Scott Esmail is always working on his sector to become the best possible manager he can become. He continues to strive on becoming g one of the leaders in the property industry.

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