Professional Career

From an early age, I have always been interested in business and all things real estate. After attending college in Toronto Canada I decided to take the things I learned and start my own lawn and snow removal company. I provided services that included lawn, snow, window and gutter cleaning. Just coming right out of college like most kids, I was broke. I explained to my first investor (my uncle) that I needed to borrow $300 to buy some equipment and help with marketing costs. Before I knew it all my hard work was paying off and I was busy with satisfied customers and doing well. I soon paid my uncle back, and within a couple years had a very successful business.

As I grew as a person I decided to start another business this time in real estate. I became even more successful in the related fields and now currently own and operate a property management firm. I guess you could call me a serial entrepreneur. I really just enjoy it and when I see an opportunity, I put a plan in place and work hard to make it work. I mostly give credit to my mindset when it comes to my business and life. My philosophy for customers employees and all aspects of my life are to” treat others the way I would like to be treated” Living my life by that “golden rule” has definitely help me in my many years of success in business.


My Real Estate Investing Beliefs

I only invest for cash flow first, what do I mean by that? I mean if I buy a property then it MUST after I pay all debts and expenses relate to the property have positive cash flow after all things are paid with the rents collected from a tenant. If it appreciates that wonderful, it’s like the cherry on top of the sundae. For me this is the safest and I think smartest way to guarantee that I will make money on the purchase. I win whether the market is up or down it doesn’t make a difference to me because the tenant still pays the rent. Throughout the years I’ve seen a close family member loose all their assets because he took all his money and invested it in negative cash flow properties and banking on only appreciation. When prices of houses dropped and interest rates went up, he could no longer afford to carry the houses. If he had bought them with cash flow first, he may have been able to carry them thru the down turn in the market. I have promised myself that I wouldn’t happen to me so I don’t invest like that, even though this can sometime be extremely tempting. He has since now recovered from the loss but it took a long time. I try to be a disciplined investor and stick to what works for me.


My Family life

In my personal life I have been lucky enough to marry the love of my life Brandy. We have 2 children a son and a daughter, 2 dogs a Siberian husky and a jack Russell mix and a cat. We are both lovers of animals and one of my favourite thing to do when I am not working is I enjoy taking long walks with Brandy and the dogs in the evenings. I have been dealt an amazing deck of cards when it comes to my family and I am extremely grateful.


Giving back

I have always even as a teenager thought that giving back in whatever ways you can is important, Brandy and I donate to 5 charities monthly. I also give some of my time on my website where I may offer advice on property management or real estate, that may help newer investors make good decisions when investing. I hope in the future as I grow in business and as a person to expand this section of my life and help as many people as I can while I’m given the opportunity.


Scott Esmail